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HD-2008A Power Cable Sheath Fault Location System












This system (HD-2008A Power Cable Sheath Fault Location System) is designed for locate HV power cable sheath faults. It can also used for HV power cable sheath dielectric withstand test. It include 3 different equipments: (1)HD-2008 Sheath Fault Location Power; (2)GZD-8 Digital Kelvin Bridge; (3)HDK-1 Step Voltage Indicator and its accessories.

This system can pre-locate and pinpoint cable sheath fault of all kinds of laying ways include buried cable. The sheath faults are usually caused by termite biting, earth box filling with water, original faults being worse and entrance part of earth circuit being wet. With this system, we can locate the sheath faults quickly and precisely.

GZD-8 Digital Bridge can filter strong noise caused by the other online cable nearby(Sometimes their power frequency voltage induced by the nearby cable is up to 100V AC) and the noise caused by other electrical process such as electro-welding, sparking plug , etc. On the other hand, HD-2008 can also used to carry out withstanding voltage test.


1. Pre-locate and pinpoint power cable sheath fault

Power cable may be laid in the sand, buried in the soil, mounted on the tray in tunnel, laid in the pipe, laid by pipe jacking, etc. According the industrial standard, cable metal sheath should withstanding 10kV DC to ground for 1min after laid. If the cable was been scratch, if there is sand, impurity or crack in the sheath, became damp and some other reason, it cannot reach the standard. With HD-2008A System, operators can find out the fault point. Steps are:

Pre-locate the cable sheath fault point with HD-2008 and GZD-8.

Pinpoint the fault point with HD-2008 and HDK-1

2. To carry out HV DC withstanding test of cable sheath.

If the cable sheath is PVC material and long, while it is tested under 10kV in hot weather, its high leakage current may be up to 30mA.HD-2008’s capacity is big enough to satisfy their needs.

Technical specifications

1. Location accuracy

n  Pre-location accuracy with GZD-8 and HD-2008:                         ±0.2%L+1m

n  Pinpoint by step voltage method with HD-2008 and HDK-1:            ±30cm

2. HD-2008 Cable Sheath Location Power

n  Output voltage(withstanding test):             0~15kV adjustable, negative

n  Output current(withstanding test):           30mA @ 10kV

n  Short circuit current:                 100mA(@continuous), 1000mA(@ pulse)

n  Working power:                                      AC220V/50Hz

n  Dimension:                                            50cm×30cm×46cm

n  Weight:                                                  24kg

4.GZD-8 Digital Kelvin Bridge

n  Working Power:                                     Built-in battery

n  Charge Power:                                        AC220V/50Hz

n  Range:                                                   Unlimited

n  Accuracy:                                              ±0.2%L+1m

n  Ability of filter and anti-interference: very good

n  Dimension:                                            36cm×28cm×17cm

n  Weight:                                                  6kg

3. HDK-1 Step voltage Indicator

n  Sensitivity:                                             0.10(un-amplified);0.30(amplified)

n  Adjust sensitivity:                                   6 Level; 6 Level(amplified)

n  Zero adjustable:                             ± Full scale

n  Working power:                                      8×1.5V(Built-in battery)

n  Charge power:                                        AC220V/50Hz

Parking list

There are 3 different packing cases:

HD-2008 Cable Sheath Fault Location Power

GZD-8 Digital Kelvin Bridge

HDK-1 Step Voltage Indicator and its accessories

1.Location power HD-2008(1 pc)

2.Ground lead(1 pc)

3.Discharging lead(1 pc)

4.Discharging rod(1 pc)

5.Fuse(2 pc)

6.AC220V Power lead(1 pc)

7.Test report(1 pc)

8.Cerfification(1 pc)

1.Location bridge GZD-8(1 pc)

2.Test lead(1pc)

3.Tri-clip ground lead(1 pc)

4.Ground lead(1 pc)

5.Power supply adapter(1 pc)

6.Test report(1 pc)

7.Certification(1 pc)

1.Indicator HDK-1(1 pc)

2.Metal Probe (2 pc,red & black)

3.Lead for probe(2 pc)

4.Test report(1 pc)

5.Certification(1 pc)

Manual for HD-2008A Cable Sheath Fault Location sets



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