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    Introduction of small radiator
    source:admin time:2020-02-19
    The small radiator (or heat sink) is made of aluminum alloy plate by stamping process and surface treatment, while the large radiator is made of aluminum alloy extruded into profile, then machined and surface treated. They have various shapes and sizes for different device installation and different power consumption devices. Radiators are generally standard parts, but also can provide profiles, cut into a certain length by the user according to the requirements and made into non-standard radiators. The surface treatment of radiator includes electrophoretic coating or black oxygen polarization treatment, which aims to improve heat dissipation efficiency and insulation performance. It can be increased by 10.15% under natural cooling, 3% under ventilation cooling, and the pressure resistance of electrophoretic coating can be 500.800 v.
    The radiator manufacturer gives the thermal resistance values or curves for different types of radiators, and gives the different thermal resistance values under different heat dissipation conditions.

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