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    Classification of aluminium bars
    source:admin time:2020-02-19
    1000 series
    1050 aluminum plate. Extrusion coil for food, chemical and brewing industry, various hoses, fireworks powder
    1060 Aluminum plate. It requires high corrosion resistance and formability, but not high strength. Chemical equipment is its typical use
    1100 aluminium sheet. Parts and components for processing that require good formability and high corrosion resistance but do not require high strength, such as chemical products, food industry devices and storage containers, sheet metal processing parts, deep drawing or spinning concave vessels, welding parts, heat exchangers, printed boards, nameplates, reflective devices
    1145 aluminium plate. Packaging and heat insulation aluminium foil, heat exchanger
    1199 aluminium plate. Electrolytic capacitor foil, optical reflective deposition film
    1350 aluminium plate. Wires, conductor strands, busbars, transformer strips
    2000 series
    2011 aluminum plate, screws and machining products with good cutting performance
    2014 aluminum plate. It is used in occasions requiring high strength and hardness (including high temperature). Aircraft heavy, forging, thick plate and extrusion materials, wheels and structural elements, first stage fuel tank and spacecraft parts of multistage rocket, truck frame and suspension system parts
    2017 aluminum plate. It is the first 2XXX series alloy to obtain industrial application, with narrow application range, mainly including rivets, general mechanical parts, structure and transport tool structure parts, propeller and accessories
    2024 aluminum plate. Aircraft structure, rivets, missile components, truck hub, propeller components and other structures
    2036 aluminium sheet. Sheet metal parts of automobile body
    2048 aluminium plates - structural parts of aerospace vehicles and weapons
    2124 aluminium plates - Aerospace Structures
    2218 aluminium plates - aircraft and diesel engine pistons, aircraft engine cylinder heads, jet engine impellers and compressor rings
    2219 aluminum plate, space rocket welding oxidant tank, supersonic aircraft skin and structural parts, operating temperature of - 270 ~ 300 ℃. Good weldability, high fracture toughness, high resistance to stress corrosion cracking in T8 state
    2319 aluminium plates. Welding rods and filler metals for 2219 alloy
    2618 aluminium plate. Die forgings and free forgings. Piston and Aeroengine Parts
    2a01 aluminium plates - Structural rivets with operating temperature up to 100 ° C
    2A02 aluminium plate. Axial compressor blades for turbojet engines operating at 200-300 ° C
    2A06 aluminium plates - Rivets for aircraft structures operating at 150-250 ° C and for aircraft structures operating at 125-250 ° C
    2a10 aluminum plate. High strength than 2a01 alloy. Used for manufacturing aircraft structural rivets with working temperature less than or equal to 100 ℃
    2A11 aluminum plate. Medium strength structural parts of aircraft, propeller blades, means of transportation and building structural parts. Medium strength bolts and rivets for aircraft
    2A12 aluminum plate, aircraft skin, partition frame, wing rib, wing beam, rivet, etc., structural parts of buildings and transportation vehicles
    2A14 aluminium plates - free and die forgings of complex shapes
    2A16 aluminium plates - aerospace vehicle parts, welded containers and airtight cockpits operating at room and high temperatures, operating at 250-300 degrees C
    2a17 aluminium plates - aircraft parts operating at 225-250 ° C
    2A50 aluminium plates - medium strength parts with complex shapes
    2a60 aluminum plate. Compressor wheel, guide wheel, fan, impeller, etc. of aircraft engine
    2A70 aluminum plate, aircraft skin, aircraft engine piston, guide wheel, wheel plate, etc
    2A80 aluminum plate. Aeroengine compressor blades, impellers, pistons, rings and other parts with high working temperature
    2a90 aluminium plate - aeroengine pistons

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