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    Use of aluminum products
    source:admin time:2020-02-19
    Aluminum was once used to make cooking utensils, and it is very popular, because aluminum pots are not easy to rust, and aluminum will react with oxygen in the air to form a layer of dense alumina film. However, science has proved that aluminum tableware is not suitable for cooking or long-term storage of acidic, alkaline and salty food, because acid, alkali and salt can directly etch the protective film on the surface of aluminum metal and aluminum products themselves. It is found that aluminum can damage human brain cells. According to the assessment of the World Health Organization, the daily intake of aluminum is 0-0.6mg/kg, where kg refers to the body weight of a person, that is, the allowable intake of a 60kg person is 36mg. According to gb2760-2011, the residue of aluminum should be less than or equal to 100mg / kg. Aluminum accumulates slowly in human body, and its toxicity is slow and hard to detect. However, once toxic reaction of metabolic disorder occurs, the consequence is very serious. Therefore, we must pay attention to prevent the absorption of aluminum in our daily life and reduce the use of aluminum products. As a result, aluminum cookware has been gradually eliminated. Standard for use of food additives gb2760-2011

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